Meet Jennifer Day

A resident of Johnson County for 20 years, I graduated from Pepperdine University in 1996 with an English Literature degree before choosing Kansas as my forever home. I visited Kansas after graduating college, and immediately felt like I was home. As it turns out, I do have deep roots here, with a 3-times great grandfather abolitionist who settled in Eudora before Kansas even became a state. It seems like fate that I settled just about 20 miles east of where my ancestors landed all those years ago. Kansas runs deep in my blood.

While my husband, Jesse, and I run a family-owned real estate investment business, 11-Eleven, I have also been highly active in my community, serving as a precinct committeewoman, volunteering on multiple campaigns, and acting as an election/poll worker, for the last several years. I was a lifelong Republican until 2016, which was when I chose to join the Democratic Party as it had become clear to me that the modern Republican Party no longer represented my values. I am an advocate for fair elections, and a member of Moms Demand Action, the League of Women Voters, and the National Organization of Women (NOW). I am thoroughly committed to bettering the lives of Kansans.

Focused around issues like protecting public schools, election integrity, equality, and access to affordable healthcare, I do my best to act as a steadfast public servant. I am dedicated to representing the 48th District with passion, precision, and authenticity.

Serving our community and district has been my highest priority for the last several years. I very much appreciate what an incredible opportunity it is to take the next step up into the State Representative position and look forward to accomplishing even more for the people of the 48th when I am re-elected.