Priorities for Kansas

Medicaid Expansion

In the states where Medicaid expansion hasn’t happened, few adults qualify for Medicaid unless they are pregnant or have disabilities. Expansion will help provide coverage for many in Johnson County who fall into a coverage gap, where they earn too much to qualify for the current program, but too little to qualify for financial help for a private plan. I want to ensure that my neighbors aren’t forced to choose between paying medical bills and paying for other expenses.

Taxes and Budget

Kansas has worked hard to move past the disastrous Kansas Tax Cut Experiment that Brownback saddled us with from 2012 through 2017. Governor Kelly’s vision of a fiscally responsible, sustainable, and fair budget package can and should be promoted with the help of bipartisan commitment in the legislature.

Public Education

I believe every student in Kansas deserves access to high-quality education options. We can achieve that goal through increased teacher pay, maintaining smaller class sizes, and providing the resources our educators need in order to address any challenges they may encounter.

Equality and Inclusivity

I favor a statewide non-discrimination act for Kansas. Our state should be a place where all people are able to attend school, work, and live their lives free from retribution from others based on their gender identity or sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, disability, or age.